What is involved?

A combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and breathwork is used to help you to release the stress and anxiety that keeps you feeling overwhelmed.

We work with your unconscious mind to change behaviour and thought patterns, using metaphors and future pacing, Hypnotherapy allows you to change all those thought patterns that keep you stuck in a loop.

I will help you to rediscover: 

‍  Your confidence

‍  Your self-esteem

‍  Regain your concentration

‍  Sharpen your focus

‍  Boost your clarity

‍  Give you the tools to manage stressful situations

NLP enables you to rewrite how you view a world that has been tinted, coloured and sometimes tainted by your past experiences. I will help you to reframe how you react to both the past, the present and the future. 

‍ ➣ Stop those memories from intruding into every part of your life

‍ ➣ Change how you react to those situations that have filled you with dread

‍ ➣ Create an anchor that you can trigger when ever you want to recreate  a sense of calm and confidence

‍ ➣ Altering your language pattern so that you no longer identify with stress-related feelings.

Breathwork is used to improve your sense of calm and wellbeing. You will be able to use it to switch off all those adrenaline fuelled fight, flight or freeze stress responses that leave you feeling out of control and unable to cope and instead switch over to your “rest and restore”systems. You will learn to use breathwork to not only squash those feeling of anxiety, panic and overwhelm as they start to rise but also to increase your focus and concentration.

As a former senior A&E nurse, I understand why so many people struggle with stress management, which can lead to overwhelm and burnout. However, as long as you stay committed to the programme, you will have the tools you need to manage and reduce stress.

How much help do you need?

I offer 3 tiers for managing stress

Tier 1: Individual Sessions (pay as you go)

The first session is 90 - 120 minutes long - £170

All follow up sessions are 60 - 90 minutes long - £120

Tier 2: Paradigm Pro

Three 120minute sessions that combine Hypnosis, NLP and breathwork tailored to your individual needs with support between sessions. 


Tier 3: Unique Pro - 

 Work 1:1 with me online over 9 weeks as we deep dive and resolve the triggers that are driving the feelings of overwhelm and give you the tools to rediscover your confidence, clarity, focus and self-esteem. You’ll learn how to release stress on a daily basis and neutralise those feelings of stress as they start bubbling up through making positive changes that are right for you.

 You’ll discover through combining journaling, NLP, hypnosis, breathwork and yoga how to effectively manage stress and anxiety so you can lead the life you want.

£2997 - payment plan available

The process begins with you

Ready to take control of 

your life?

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But what if I Need More Help?

If new things crop up and you want more help then we can add another session without having to go back to the beginning

I’m here to support you all the way!

If you have bad days, don’t beat yourself up…

Just remember how far you have come and all the strategies you have learnt that can help you to manage levels of stress in your life.

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