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You deserve a unique solution

Consider a life in which stress is no longer an obstacle.

Imagine yourself feeling calm, centred, and confident as you face whatever challenges come your way.

  Having emotional balance.

  Feeling empowered.

  Your determination and drive are incredible.

With the mental fog caused by chronic stress lifted, you're back on top of your game.

If this is what you are looking for then my course is just for you.

Using a combination of hypnosis, NLP, breathwork and yin yoga will help you:

Emotional Balance: 

Experience a renewed sense of peace and serenity, free of stress and anxiety.


 Better Physical Health: 

Enjoy increased vitality, more energy, and better sleep quality.

  Develop resilience, self-belief, and a positive attitude to allow you to thrive in any situation.

  Relationship Harmony: 

As you become more relaxed and optimistic, you will rediscover the joy at home and the friendships at work.

Join me on a 9 week journey that will help you regain control of your life supported every step of the way

The process begins with you!

Ready to take control of your life?

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            What my clients say


I was a smoker for over 20 years and had several attempts at stopping as well, but nothing seemed to work before this, or deal with the related stress factors. Clare used a combination of NLP & hypnosis with me, to search for the underlying issues, that caused the smoking urges. She explained the process clearly & after our first session I could already feel a major shift, drastically reducing the amount I used to smoke. After the second session it felt like a massive weight had lifted from my body. I felt really good & confident within myself that I left the cigarettes behind me now, without raiding the fridge or starting another habit in exchange. I’m very grateful for Clare’s help and her gentle yet thorough ways to resolve my bad habit. I highly recommend her services.


I had virtual NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions with Clare and it was absolutely amazing. Clare listened to what my issues were and allowed me to release and reframe within my subconscious what had been holding me back. Clare’s voice is calming and reassuring that naturally allows you to relax. I highly recommend Clare at Wellside Limited to help you to make changes to move on and enjoy life to the fullest. Thank you Clare.


‍   What is involved in the Fusion of therapies


A combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and breathwork, tailored to breaking your habit and the patterns that have kept you hooked:

By working with your unconscious mind to change behaviour and thought patterns with metaphors and future pacing, hypnotherapy allows you to change your "identity" and sensory map of the world, releasing overwhelming thoughts and patterns of rumination. We will improve your focus and concentration by boosting clarity and increasing your confidence in yourself to deal with stressful situations, as well as improving your feelings of self-worth.

NLP enables you to re-frame your thoughts and beliefs so that you are no longer overwhelmed by limiting thoughts or memories. We will create an anchor that reinforces a sense of calm and confidence, altering your language pattern so that you no longer identify with stress-related feelings. Visualisation will assist your subconscious in making the transition. You will be able to alter your beliefs, associations, and behaviours in your professional and personal lives.

Breathwork is used to improve your sense of calm and wellbeing. By supporting your parasympathetic nervous system, you can prevent feelings of overwhelming stress from rising, which would have caused anxiety to rapidly build and debilitate you. Breathwork will assist you in neutralising this as it arises, allowing you to gain clarity and find healthy ways to work through a situation.

As a former senior A&E nurse, I understand why so many people struggle with stress management, which can lead to overwhelm and burnout. However, as long as you stay committed to the programme, you will have the tools you need to manage and reduce stress.

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£2,997 | Payment Plan Option Available

The process begins with you!

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